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DNA Premium Photography is the ONLY  Elk Grove Photography studio that offers a unique MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on its process.


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Elk Grove Photographer – Professional Portrait Photography

Creating lasting memories with portrait photography from a leading Elk Grove photographer. Whether you are planning family portraits, senior portraits, or personal portraits, we have you covered.

With the top Elk Grove photographers, you are guaranteed to be satisfied. We are the only portrait photography studio in the area to offer a money-back guarantee.

Space is limited, so book today!

Top Occasions for Portrait Photography

People often associate portrait photography with senior portraits. However, there is a wide range of reasons why someone may want or need a portrait. Along with senior photos, our Elk Grove photographers often work with clients to produce the following types of portraits:

  • Engagement portraits

  • Family portraits

  • Party or team portraits

  • Social media profile portraits

  • Wedding portraits

  • Corporate or business portraits

  • Baby portraits

  • Resume portraits

  • Professional headshots

  • Portraits for marketing material

You may also choose to book a session with an Elk Grove photographer simply to capture yourself at this moment. You may have recently found your dream job, lost weight, or moved to a new city. Celebrate the occasion with a private photo session.

No matter the occasion, we focus on creating an unforgettable portrait experience and producing incredible photos. 

What Is Portrait Photography?

Portrait photography is a style of photography that captures the personality of an individual or group using backgrounds, lighting, and poses. The person or people in the portrait are the focal points of the photo instead of background elements.

Most portraits focus on the face of the subject while the subject faces the camera. Some of the main categories of portraits include:

  • Traditional portraits

  • Lifestyle portraits

  • Environmental portraits

  • Street portraits

Traditional portraits are taken in a studio against a backdrop. Lifestyle portraits incorporate objects to reflect the subject’s lifestyle. For example, a basketball player may want to pose with a basketball. A chess champion may pose with a chess piece.

Environmental portraits are taken in nature. They typically feature trees and foliage in the background, making them a popular choice during the autumn months when the leaves start to change. Street portraits are also taken outdoors, but typically in urban settings instead of rural ones.

Portraits may also be categorized based on the distance between the camera and the subject, such as:

  • Close-ups (headshots)

  • Head and shoulders

  • Three-quarter length portraits

  • Full-length portraits

The photos are taken in a studio setting or outdoors. Along with the location, your Elk Grove photographer will pay attention to the lighting to achieve specific effects, such as diffusing the light to create a softer image or reflecting light to brighten areas of your face.

A photo becomes a portrait when it can convey the personality of the subject. Instead of simply photographing the appearance of a person, we attempt to capture what makes them special and unique.

Fine Art Portraits From the Leading Elk Grove Photographers

We have the experience needed to create fine art portraits. The portraits that you receive will stand out compared to the standard photos that you may get from a family portrait studio. They are stylish, artistic, and original.

Producing quality portraits requires a combination of artistic talent and technical knowledge. Photographers need to know how light works, including how to diffuse light or reflect it to achieve the desired effect. Some of the details that an Elk Grove photographer needs to consider include:

  • The intended mood or atmosphere of the portrait

  • The location or backdrops for the photo session

  • Lighting sources and color temperature

  • Makeup, hair, and clothing

  • Special requests or concerns

Before your photo session, we discuss your wishes to gain a better understanding of the overall style that you want for your portraits.

Composing a visually interesting shot also requires attention to detail. Whether you want portraits taken outdoors or in a studio, it is important to consider the background. Objects or colors in the background may detract from the subject of the portrait.

The lighting can also impact the quality of the photos, especially when taking photos outdoors. The color temperature produced by sunlight can gradually change throughout the day, turning from orange to yellow or white. An Elk Grove photographer needs to pay attention to these details to create impressive portraits.

Professional photographers also understand how best to use various camera settings to produce different results. For example, they may use lenses with different focal lengths or adjust camera settings depending on whether the portrait is soft and elegant or bold and dynamic.

The Elk Grove photographer that you choose should also know how to incorporate different photography styles and layouts. Some portraits feature close-ups while others are taken further away.

For example, you may want to be photographed from the shoulders up or prefer full-length portraits. We can also try a variety of layouts and styles to ensure that we capture the best images.

If you want stylish portraits that you can be proud of, contact us to book a session with an Elk Grove photographer.

Why Choose Us for Portrait Photography in Elk Grove?

We are the preferred choice for portrait photography in the Elk Grove region due to the experience and talent of our photographers. Working with an Elk Grove photographer who specializes in portrait photography ensures that you receive amazing photos that perfectly capture your charm or beauty.

Along with superior images, we focus on delivering exceptional customer service. Examine some of the reasons we are the premier Elk Grove portraiture studio:

  • Affordable prices

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Convenient scheduling

  • Professional studio

  • Friendly photographers

We use competitive pricing to give our clients the best overall value when booking an Elk Grove photographer. When combined with our money-back guarantee, our service is a risk-free option for those who want stunning portraits.

We also understand how difficult it can be to squeeze in the time for a photo session. We try to accommodate your schedule as best we can. However, space is limited, so we recommend trying to book early to get a preferred date.

Our studio provides a comfortable, professional setting for your photo session. Our photographers use backdrops and quality lighting to set the stage for capturing your portraits and creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Friendliness is another consideration when choosing an Elk Grove photographer. Our photographers understand that a photo session can create a little bit of anxiety. We aim to make every session fun and comfortable for our clients. We ensure that you are relaxed before snapping photos to ensure that we produce better photos.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Portrait Photography

If you have any questions, concerns, or special requests, do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond as quickly as we can. In the meantime, explore answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our services.

What Does a Portrait Photo Session Include?

A photo session with an Elk Grove photographer includes a set timeframe at our studio or your chosen outdoor location or venue. Pricing is explained upfront with complete transparency and no hidden fees, ensuring that there are no surprises.

Should I Do My Makeup and Hair Before the Session?

Yes, we advise clients to do their hair and makeup before arriving for their photo session with an Elk Grove photographer. As the sessions include a set timeframe, we may not be able to accommodate the time needed for styling your hair and applying makeup.

How Long Does a Portrait Photo Session Last?

Sessions may last between one and three hours, depending on the package that you select. Our photographers typically like to spend a few minutes chatting to break the ice and prepare for the photoshoot. We also recommend that you arrive a little early to retouch your hair and makeup and relax before the session.

Can I See the Photos After the Photo Session?

Yes, after the photo session you can review the photos. As mentioned, we offer a money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the photos after the session, you can request a refund for the sitting fee. However, our customers love their photos – we know that you will too!

Will My Portraits Be Retouched?

Yes, we often retouch portraits. Minor details are often easier to detect when reviewing photos on a computer compared to the viewfinder on a camera. The process of retouching is not extensive and does not alter your appearance. It is used to fix minor technical issues that may impact the overall atmosphere and style of the photo.

We may notice the need to slightly tweak the color temperature, contrast, or brightness to achieve optimal results. Glares may also need to be edited out.

How Long Does It Take to Receive My Portraits?

The amount of time needed varies depending on a variety of factors, including the number of photos and the amount of retouching needed. However, as customer satisfaction is our priority, we always aim to deliver photos as quickly as possible without rushing our process.

If you want quality portraits at affordable prices from a respected Elk Grove photographer, we would love to hear from you. We offer portrait photography services to customers throughout the Elk Grove, California area.

Book your session today!

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