With the business coming into it’s “new” and also having a newborn girl coming up in late June, I wanted something unique and special to get people excited again about my photography.I researched on google, “how to make fabric flowers” and found a ton of cute resources.My mind went all artsy on me and I was ready to make some of my own so I hopped in the car and was off to Joanne’s. While I was browsing fabrics for a sling/wrap for my newborn I finally found the perfect one and went on over to the cutting counter were I waited for the lady to cut my yard for me. While I was waiting I seen in my peripheral a lady and her children.Her littlest and herself had the cutest headbands on which sort of were up the ally of what I was going to attempt with my “fabric flowers”. So, I told myself I should just approach her and ask if she made them and how she did it. I did! Ever since I got my license I don’t find it hard to approach people about my photography and about business. She was such a nice lady and after talking for a few seconds I found out that she too is a photographer in the area. Her name is  Terri Fairbanks and she is a very sweet lady. Check her out! So I took her advice and applied it! All I can say is thank you for offering some kind advice to your fellow competition. Most photographers are rude and snubbed their noses at sharing “the good stuff”. I am a firm believer that sharing with your close competition will not only help you and them build a stronger business, it will ensure that your butt is covered if you ever need a fill in photographer or an extra hand. So with that said, I would love to pay it forward and share the how-to’s on how to make these very easy, unique, and adorable fabric flowers that you can use to embellish anything from a headbands, a purse, a shirt, or even make some jewelry! I think I’m going to try some jewelry in the near future so stay tuned.


FabricFlowerBlog Unique Children Photo Props (Stockton, CA Portrait Photographer)

(Left) The final shot of the finished product; a custom and unique flower. (Center) A quick shot of how it looks being worn as a headband. (Right)A close up of the details and depth.


FabricFlowerBlog1 Unique Children Photo Props (Stockton, CA Portrait Photographer)

(Left) You will want to get some fabrics. Here I have a felt for the bottom piece where I glue everything, a heavy sort of suit like fabric which provides a texture to my flower, and a satin. (Center) You will need a hot glue gun and extra glue sticks, an embellishment of your choice I used a unique button, and you will need scissors. (Right) In this photo I cut out some stencil circles out of card stock that I use to help me cut the same circle sizes out of each different fabric.


FabricFlowerBlog2 Unique Children Photo Props (Stockton, CA Portrait Photographer)

(Left) This is going to be the bottom of your flower so pick which fabric you want at the bottom of the flower. Use your stencil to cut big circles out. You want to cut about 6-8 circles total. (Center) This is what you should have now after cutting. (Left) Now cut the fabric that you want to use for the inside of your flower. You can use the same fabric or a different one to enhance. I used a little bit of a smaller circle for the insides. Cut about 6-8 for these as well.



FabricFlowerBlog3 Unique Children Photo Props (Stockton, CA Portrait Photographer)

(Left)After cutting circles for your fabric that you want in the middle of your flower, this is what you should have. (Center) Now cut a small piece of felt. This is your platform for your flower. Pick any color you wont be able to see it but I do advise neutrals. (Right) Let the flower making begin. Take one piece of your bottom layer and fold it in half like a taco. Like so.



FabricFlowerBlog4 Unique Children Photo Props (Stockton, CA Portrait Photographer)

(Left) After folding your piece in half, you will need to push in the left side into the center and hold it with your other hand’s index finger and thumb. (Center)Like so. Now push in the right side of the flower like you did the left side while holding it with your right hand’s index finger and thumb. (Right) It should look like this. Nothing fancy or pretty yet, but it should resemble something like you see in the finishing results.


FabricFlowerBlog5 Unique Children Photo Props (Stockton, CA Portrait Photographer)

(Left) Now that you have it folded, while holding it with one hand, you will want to use the glue gun in the other hand and glue the petal together so when you let go it wont unfold. (Center) I just applied the glue in this section at the very losest point I could reach that way you cant see the glue. Repeat this on both sides of the petal until it sticks. (Right) I shoulnd’t have to tell you , but be careful the glue is hot and with little things like this your bound to get your fingers as I did a few times. Now you will want to put a dab of hot glue on your felt piece in the center and begin to apply the petals.


FabricFlowerBlog6 Unique Children Photo Props (Stockton, CA Portrait Photographer)

(Left) Once you dab some hot glue on the felt, press the pointy end of the petal to the glue and hold a for a few seconds to ensure it sticks. (Center) Continue this action, laying each piece slightly ontop of the other. (Right) Continue in a circle around the felt.



FabricFlowerBlog7 Unique Children Photo Props (Stockton, CA Portrait Photographer)

(Left) This is what you should have when finished with the bottom layer of the flower. (Center) Being to fold the fabric that you want to use in the inside of the flower like you did for the bottom of the flower. (Right) Start applying the fabric with glue very carefully this time because the lighter fabric shows the glue easily.


FabricFlowerBlog8 Unique Children Photo Props (Stockton, CA Portrait Photographer)

(Left) Dab a little hot glue on top because you are going to place the next piece slightly on top if this one. (Center) Repeat all the way around until you have something that looks like this. (Right) Add some extra glue to the very center where you will be placing a button or bead to cover up all that yucky glue.



FabricFlowerBlog9 Unique Children Photo Props (Stockton, CA Portrait Photographer)

(Left) Now press the button or what ever you choose onto the center where you last glued. (Center) Grab those scissors and trim around the top layer of petals to make it look a little nicer. This isnt a must but I did it because I wanted the top layer to be a little shorter then the bottom which showed off the bottom layer a tad more. (Right) Just a little bit at a time. Dont want to cut too much and waste all that hard work you just put into this flower!


FabricFlowerBlog10 Unique Children Photo Props (Stockton, CA Portrait Photographer)

(Left) I decided to put alligator clips on the backs of my fabric flowers that I made so that I can interchange them with different headbands for newborns or simply clip into an older child’s hair. (center) Close up of flower clipped on a headband. (Right) Zoomed out of the flower clipped on a headband.



FabricFlowerBlog11 Unique Children Photo Props (Stockton, CA Portrait Photographer)

(Left)I made two different sizes. Perhaps one for little sister and one for big sister. (Center) A different example, same technique. (Right) …and you are DONE. Voila! Easy, no?

View Unique Children Portrait  by clicking here


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