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Cristi + Brandon said…

C - Testimonial - Alicia Gines Photography

From the day my husband and I got engaged, I was in full wedding planning mode. Every day, I read all the wedding blogs, scoured Pinterest, bought wedding magazines….the whole nine yards. Photography and videography were at the top of my list to nail down as soon as possible so that we knew budget wise what we could spend in other areas. One day on Style Me Pretty, I came across a beautiful engagement photo session that was done in our hometown of San Francisco. The entire session was captivating; the angles of the shots were mesmerizing, the photos flattered each person and they weren’t overly styled. You could tell every detail was thought about in a very intentional way. It was beautiful! I looked who the photographer was and contacted them right away. I heard back within a few hours and we scheduled an in person meeting.

From the moment we met Alicia and Anthony, we knew we had found a special team. Their chemistry as a couple was obvious and that same chemistry was evident in their work together. After talking through the package offerings, their approach to working with their clients and what the expectations were from both parties, we signed up for both video and photo services. It was the best decision we made in terms of vendor selection.

Over the next year or so, Alicia was in contact with us frequently to ensure we never felt unattended to. She was full of ideas and wanted to hear ours as well. We did our engagement shoot and then I booked a separate boudoir session with her for a grooms gift. I felt like I knew her so well by the time our wedding day got here, it was like working with a friend. On the wedding day, she got every shot we asked for, made my entire bridal party feel at ease and even stepped in to the role of wedding planner when ours was nowhere to be found. She handled a situation that could have destroyed our photos in an eloquent, professional way and I didn’t even have to ask her to do it. She just knew what I needed and did it without a second thought. Let’s face it- weddings are stressful in every way. Even the things that you think will be easy aren’t.

Working with Alicia and Anthony was the best part of our wedding experience. Not only did we find a team that we worked with to capture the best day of our lives, we found a team that we will use to capture moments for the rest of our lives. And if you don’t want to take the word of the bride, here are some words from the mouth of the skeptic groom: “Wedding days are a whirlwind and it is impossible to stay on track without smart and strong people on your side. Alicia not only made sure we followed our schedule but ensured the day would be beautifully documented from the morning until the night of our wedding day. She even picked up the slack from our wedding planner when she dropped the ball. Putting our wedding in Alicia’s hands was the smartest thing we did for that big day.”

Daniel + Karen said…

family photographerWe feel privileged to have had the chance to work with Alicia Gines Photography.   Although very professional, their lighthearted peaceful domineer made it feel like we were taking photos comfortably with friends.  Alicia and her husband Anthony captured our family moments in so many special ways giving us multiple photo options to choose from.  Qualified, patient and creative are just three of many assets that make this team so amazing!

Gaby said…

wedding photographerWe just love how our wedding pictures turned out! My husband and I were amazed how beautiful and elegant Alicia was able to capture our special day. I would like to thank Alicia for remaining calm when I encountered a bit of a problem as I was getting ready. I was worried, and Alicia clearly saw that because she spoke to me so calmly and reassured to me that everything will turn out well. Sure enough, things came around and everything was back to normal 🙂 Both Alicia and Anthony are professionals; there is no doubt that they know exactly what they’re doing. Since the very first email I wrote to her, communication between me and her has been great. Alicia even offered some suggestions regarding my centerpieces and such, I thank her for that because I was really beginning to feel the stress, especially in all the small details. Thank you Alicia for making me feel comfortable throughout the whole photo session process, since my engagement meeting with my fiancee up until the day of our wedding. I would truly recommend Alicia and Anthony for any professional photography session one may have, big or small. All I have to say is gracias, gracias, gracias!!! –Gaby & Julian

Asa said…

wedding photographerWow oh wow!! I’m just blown away and your pictures made it possible to relive the day over and over again!! Absolutely AWESOME! You captured so many little special moments, and they’re all so beautiful! – Asa

Telisha + Patricia said…

engagement photographerWe found Alicia Gines through google by simply putting “Affordable wedding photographer near Roseville.” A ton of sites popped up, but when I clicked her website, We IMMEDIATELY felt compelled to work with her. After having been on the hunt for a while, I realized photographers aren’t cheap…so after seeing how flawless her work was, I was certain she’d be out of our price range. Despite that, I sent her an email any way. Alicia responded instantly, she was welcoming, easy to talk to and AFFORDABLE. Being in a same sex relationship, I do understand that unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable with that…so I asked Alicia if she’d be alright shooting a gay couple. Her response…was perfect, simply stating “love is love.” With those words, I knew we had found our photographer. Our consultation with Alicia was so natural and upbeat, she openly stated that shooting a gay couple would be a first for her, but she was enthusiastic and genuinely welcomed the opportunity. After the consultation, Alicia and I kept in touch via email and sent ideas back and forth on what we wanted for the engagement shoot. She created an entire page with ideas and pictures on the general theme she thought we were going towards…she hit the nail on the head! Definitely went above and beyond to make sure she had the vision of what we wanted for the shoot. Alicia wasn’t annoyed or discouraged when we COMPLETELY forgot the date we set for the photo shoot, had it not been for her touching base with us, we would have totally missed the day! As for the day of the shoot, Alicia, and her husband spent HOURS scouting out the perfect location, and when I say perfect…well the proof is in the pictures…absolutely gorgeous location. Alicia was completely accommodating and really made it her mission to make the entire shoot fun and memorable for us. She let us take the lead on poses that were comfortable for us and because of it, our photos came out flawless. To say Alicia Gines is talented is the understatement of the year! She took a secluded wooded area off of a walking trail and turned it into a magical atmosphere that exuded serenity. If the photographs for our engagement shoot came out this amazing, I sincerely can not wait to see what Alicia Gines has in store for our wedding! We are over the moon in love with our pictures! –Telisha & Patricia

Don + Marie said…

newborn photographerDon and I wanted to thank both of you for taking time out of your busy day to photograph our babies. The photographs turned out amazing! Again we love all the photos but if we had to choose a favorite, it would be Ethan and his pacifier with his hands on his cheeks followed by the photo of Kirsten kissing Ethan. All these photos will be hanging somewhere in our house. After I saw how Alicia was so playful with Kirsten making her feel comfortable, I didn’t give it a second thought about having left the kids alone with her while she photographed them. We were in the mind set that the photos would be ready to view in a few weeks but your turnaround time was way sooner than expected! Awesome customer service! Your time, effort and patience with our children was absolutely appreciated and we will definitely recommend you to everyone. Thank you so much!

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