Our Story

Hi! We are Anthony and Alicia Gines, a husband and wife team who have shared the love and passion for photography with one another for over seven years.

We believe that a photographer is more than a button pusher; they are people that take real life moments and preserve them beautifully enough to be your very own fairy tales. A photographer is a person just like you, and we believe firmly that they were set on this Earth to help remind you that there are moments that need to be cherished. A photographer sees you in your happiest and most vulnerable moments, and although that is something that sounds pretty scary, we have your heart and best interests tight in our hands! We know how precious those memories are to you when you don’t have that moment right in front of you anymore. Photography helps reminds us all that life is just an accumulation of moments that come and go.

Photography for us became life changing when our son was born premature and had to stay for five weeks in the NICU. Sometimes the only way I got to see my sweet little boy was through photos that Anthony took, especially for the first few days of his life because I too was in recovery. With him now being almost eight years old, it’s amazing to show him how he came in this world and compare that to where he is now. We truly believe it has been a valuable outlook for him to see that even in his weakest moments, he could thrive on love and support and become a strong little boy; like he is today. Photography not only helped our family personally hold onto memories that were hard to remember, but it has also embraced us to love each moment of life very grandly and without regret. We photograph everything, we celebrate everything, and we love everyone. Photography has made us better, more compassionate and loving people. When you have a precious gift such as being a professional photographer, you have absolutely nothing to complain about.

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