Our Story



We are Alicia and Anthony Gines, a husband, and wife team!

Photography has been our passion for more than eight years. Before I met my husband I was an avid art enthusiast. I dabbled in anything that allowed me to be creative. Growing up, painting and drawing were my muses. As I edged near adulthood, my mother gave me her old Pentax film camera. That moment on photography became a goal for me. I let that camera inspire me as I learned what I could through photographing the world around me. I learned more about watching for special moments than I did anything about actually photography technique.

One day I met my now husband, Anthony. Since the day I met him he has always encouraged me to strive for things that I wanted. Photography was something that I had loved for a long time, but I just hadn’t acquired the proper knowledge or inspiration to further my aspirations to get me where I wanted to be. He was that person to show me the way. We fell in love and that love boosted my spirit and provided me with exactly what I needed. Anthony held my hand and we took the journey of learning photography and the industry together. We have been learning and growing together for more than ten years. We’ve been professional photographers for about eight years.

Photography has been such a rewarding journey for us individually, as husband and wife, as a family, and as professionals.

Photography took on a new appearance when our son was born prematurely. The shock and terror of having your child swiftly taken from you immediately after birth are one of those moments that change you. I didn’t get to see my son for a couple of days because I needed to heal and couldn’t get to the NICU. My passion for photography quickly took charge, I realized the only way I was going to see him was through photos. Those photos got us through so much heartache when we longed to hold him. He stayed in the NICU for three weeks and during that time, all I had were those photos and the NICU nurses on the other end of the phone. Still to this day those photos serve a great deal. My son is now a healthy kiddo! It’s amazing to show him how he came to this world and compare that to where he is now. We truly believe it has been a valuable outlook for him to see that even in his weakest moments, he could thrive on love and support and become a strong little boy; like he is today. Now that we had a son to support and inspire we were determined to create a life we wanted to live, for our son, so we let our love for photography guide us.

Our story starts with my love for photography. It continues with my husband’s love for me. Then the newly developed love we had for our son. Love has always guided us. Then we had our daughter, and the love just grew and grew. The amount of love, compassion, and inspiration that was being created within our lives had projected us so far that we opened our business doors professionally as Alicia Gines Photography in 2010.

Life is about finding those moments and holding them dear. We photograph them.