Evelyn & Violet (Professional Newborn Photographer. Modesto, CA)

Evelyn and Violet’s grandma called me early last week and asked if I was available to capture her little cuties, and me just having the opportunity to photograph two amazing newborns not too long before she called; I simply couldn’t resist! Evelyn and Violet are three weeks old, their grandma told me they were premees but when I arrived they were big and beautiful,very happy; their mommy and daddy are doing wonderful! Like the last twins I had photographed, these little ladies wanted to do everything on opposite schedules. When one was asleep, the other one was eating, and vice versa. Although that was the case, they gave me a quick five minutes to capture what so far has been one of the most liked images I’ve posted on facebook. Sometimes, although its a little sad to me as the photographer, all you need is one amazing photo. Even though these little ladies gave me a run for the money, I had a great time and they did pretty great! Thank you to their wonderful grandma, mommy and daddy (and their little brother who was already the bestest brother ever), for inviting us into your home to capture this amazing time in your lives. Please enjoy Evelyn and Violet’s Blog Debut!

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