David Newborn Portraits (Professional Baby Photographer. Stockton, CA)

Client referrals are the best; you really can’t go too wrong with them!! Most of my busy day yesterday was spent with a loving family of four; mommy, daddy, big brother and the newborn named David. David was such a cute little guy! He absolutely loved his environment and felt loved and comfortable. You could tell he loved people already because when he was laying down, he wanted to have a hand touching him almost most of the time. I really had a great time with the baby, as I always do with them all, and baby’s big brother was fun to work with as well. He was three years old and his name was Ben! My son is the same; name and age. If that wasn’t close to home already, they actually kind of looked like one another! It was so enjoyable to apply what we deal with on a day-to-day basis with our son, at a professional shoot. Overall, I’m pleased and honored to have been invited into their home to capture this time in their lives. Thank you Angela!


Below are a few of my favorites, I wanted to save a few of the other great ones to give you something more to be excited about. You’re welcomed to copy and paste the pictures onto your facebook with the proper credit to www.AliciaGinesPhotography.com. Enjoy.


Newborn and brother by Alicia Gines photographyBrotherly LOVE.


Newborn by Alicia Gines photographyOne of my favorites! He fit so perfectly snug into this bucket that he was super happy and comfortable enough to stay sleeping.


Newborn by Alicia Gines photographyAn alternate view from the picture before this. Both are too stinkin’ cute!