Behind the Shutter

Behind the Shutter

Behind the “Shutter” moments from portrait sessions, weddings, and much more!

See an inside look into a portrait session or wedding before your big “in front of the camera” moment. See how other clients pose, react, and respond to Alicia Gines as she works with them one-on-one and as a group. You will also be able to get a feel for her compassion, love, excitement and adventure she has for the world around her and her camera!

Please keep in mind that more collages will be added to the BTS page as they develop so check back often to get new inside looks!


wedding photographer

(above from left to right) me doing video, Don Usog getting video of the bridal party, Anthony being cool, and anthony and the bride cheesin’!!

downtown sacramento wedding

(above from left to right) Anthony hanging the dress since I was too short, me taking a break, and me explaining how to pose in the background.

empire mine wedding

(above from left to right) taking an ‘after shot’ of her makeup, sharing stories with the sweetest bride ever, just standing on a brick wall dont fret!

LA engagement

(above from left to right) taking a sweet shot of the view of L.A., freezing and telling my clients how to pose, explaining how to put their arms without looking like they are choking each other.

newborn jojo

(above from left to right) photographing mama and her sweet son, rocking sweet baby Jojo asleep while he’s in the basket that’s how I get the shot.

newcastle wedding

(above from left to right) posing and checking light, showing the brides the photo on the right, final shot.

san diego wedding

(above from left to right) taking a moment to laugh and discuss poses, even guys fret over dress details, fixing the veil on this final shot.

Wedding G&J

(above from left to right) veils are all the fuss I needed it to look pretty but not touch the dirt, final shot after ten minutes of finagling.

child airplane session

(above from left to right) ok truth is I will adopt your child if it means making them this happy, and so will my husband!

J&T behind the scenes

(above left) Oh yes, yes, the camera is IN the fridge of our client’s! (middle) Anthony getting the most awesome scene ever. (right top) Anthony getting perfect rim lighting for video. (right bottom) the final photography shot.

A&J behind the scenes

(above) weird stance on my behalf but it was an awkward location. (middle & right) the resulting shots.

G&A behind the scenes

(above left) baby’s daddy and I doing all we can since its a tricky comp shot; needs four hands or more at times. (middle) newborn setup pullback. (right) the result

G&A1 behind the scenes

(above left) tiny fingers, they take the most patience to perfect. (middle) they decided not to hold hands. (right) then they decided to hold hands on their own lol.

G&A2 behind the scenes

(above) something about this shot I love, even with me in the way, they look amazing! (middle & right) the beautiful results! Always sneak a kiss in the same shot! Always!

pinalie behind the scenes

(above) HATE, hate, hate this pose personally because I ALWAYS end up with stickers in my butt! However, love love love the results (right) always priceless!

C&I behind the scenes

(above left) Anthony & don working on a Love Story for an engagement session. (middle) me getting the shot (right).

Liam behind the scenes

(above left) I love when parents hover, seriously I do! I shows how much they love their little one. (2nd left) cake time!! (middle) family portraits were so fun and relaxed, just how they should be. (right) the result of the cake shots!

R&V wed 2 behind the scenes

(above left) oh how uncomfortable does THAT look?! (right) the results are always pleasing, I love the ground blur you get from laying so close.

R&V wed behind the scenes

(above left) me waiting for the best driver in town; my hubby. (right) the results of being able to follow of clients to their venues or first look!

wedding, reception, golf course, unique

(above) Dinner time is a must everyone, hate to sound like a fatty but we need to eat too and look at the great pics we get while eating! Left, me checking in on the kiddos. Right, the photos I took while eating.

child, birthday, party, unique

(above) We can enjoy parties too, as long as you let us! Left, hubby. Middle, my daughter and Nanny Cassandra. Right, me!

wedding, unique, professional

(above) The dress and the photographer, face to face..

wedding, professional, beautiful, unique

(above) My first task on Wedding Day is the bride’s details. Here, sporting the ever so FBI-looking bluetooth, I take charge of making the dress look stunning.

wedding, unique, professional

(above) My assistant/second shooter’s first task on Wedding Day is the groom’s details. Here, my husband captured himself in the groom’s sunglasses all the while capturing great manly images of the groom’s deets.

wedding, pageo lavader farm, unique, beautiful

(above) Photo to the far left is complaints to the groom’s family, I adore it because of Tiger Studios’ and AGP’s team and how they are all capturing the moment. The photos to the right are what was captured in the photo to the left.

engagement session, unique, camping,

(above) Peeping in on something cute and special!

wedding, unique, catholic church, professional

(above) All bundled up because it had just started to rain as the bride and groom walked out from getting married! The photo to the right is the shot.

wedding, unique, catholic church, professional

(above) My second shooter and one of the videographers that we like to work with admire the cake leaning like the tower of Pisa. Photos to the right are flattering photos of the cake.

wedding, unique, catholic church, professional

(above) Details. Details. Details.

wedding, unique, catholic church, professional

(above) Assistant/Second Shooter getting, what else; details, details, details!

engagement session, unique, city, downtown, cute

(above) Looking a little paparazzi here, but still in love with the creative angles of the final out come photo on the right.

engagement session, unique, downtown, city, fun

(above) Another neat perspective I did with this couple. Thought it was funny how this guy on the phone covered himself perfectly for the photos.

maternity, ethinic, traditional, unique, creative

(above) Photo on the left is how it all starts, I need to stand in to check my lighting and focus. Middle left, explaining being a mommy for the first time. And photos on the right are finals.

professional, photographer, personal, unique, bio

(above) My first video bio and photo shoot.

engagement session, camping, unique, fun, out doors

(above) Styling the picnic table for their photo shoot. Photo on right final product.

family, unique, farm, sunset, creative,

(above) Photo of left, prepping my clients and lights for the stunning image on the right.

family, child, infant, unique, out doors

(above) Knees and butt cheeks well into the soggy mud, but for beautiful images of this family.

engagement session, winery, unique

(above) Standing on tables that are old and dilapidated; no problem if the final image is what’s on the right!!

family, unique, at home session, personal, creative

(above) Comforting babies for perfect sleepy shots like that on the right, is what I do best!

Dream Big. Be Strong. Love. – Alicia Gines

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