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About Anthony


About Anthony Alicia Gines Photography

A cinematographer does more than push the button and hold the camera as everything unfolds. A cinematographer captures memories that unfold, and they make a fairytale out of them. They get all the most amazing perspectives that not one person can see at one given time. They walk in your footsteps. They breathe your air. They live in your exact moment. Without this they simply couldn’t capture the emotion, the realness of your special memories. Memories, after all, are what are in your head. Cinematographers take that experience that they ever graciously throw themselves into, and they create the most breathe taking outlook on something you could never be more thankful of having. They create a memory of something that you will never relive. They are creating and capturing, life.

I became a professional cinematographer because I’ve wanted to relive many moments in my life, even if it were just for a few minutes. Working with my wife with her professional photography for several years, I’ve been to many weddings and even though we are at the same place, we quite often have different stories and memories from those days. Although we adore sharing different stories with one another, I began to think how great it would be if everyone could share in on the same memory; even other people who weren’t at the wedding. That’s when I thought it would be an amazing opportunity, and an even more fun adventure, to start doing video for clients. I started my journey with some great family videos to get a feel for things, and that soon went into videos for other families. There was no stopping there. A few engagements sessions in and I was ready for some weddings! After my first couple of weddings, I could not have been more thrilled with the rush of excitement I was from being in the presence of clients and capturing their spectacular memories; I was ready for more! Here I am today, going strong with a career I love deeply, standing here with my beautiful wife next to me passionately loving her career, and supporting each other every single step of the way.

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