Biography of Alicia Gines

AGP Self Portrait

Hi there. You should already know my name at this point; Alicia Gines! I am a professional portrait photographer specializing in Newborns and Engagement Photography. I also have tons of experience and love for Maternity, Birth Experience, Children,  Senior portraits, Individual’s Portraits, Couples, and Weddings. I offer lifestyle photography that brings out the natural essence of the subjects that I works with. I use professional “studio” like lighting in all of my professional set-ups rather you choose an in-home session or an on-location session; every situation will have flawless lighting. I currently offer services in Stockton, Lodi, Manteca, Modesto, Sacramento California and surrounding areas.

I’ve always had a huge passion for photography. My dream to be a professional photographer and business owner was sparked the day my mother handed me her an old Pentax film camera and some rolls of film.  In 2008 I really buckled down for the long haul and went for it! My husband and I invested every thing that we could into this dream of mine. Now, three years later, I can proudly say that I’m very happy we made the decision to invest in myself and my dream. I am a VERY proud, professional photographer and business owner! I followed my dreams not only because I love it, but also to show my beautiful babies that dreams can come true if you believe in yourself!

In addition to the real story above. Everyone should know what has help me to get where I am today. People need a strong force to live by rather it be God, your mother, a loved one, or simply something someone once said to you. For me, it’s the little thing I would say to myself as life happened; the something I tell myself everyday to remind me of how and what

“Dream Big. Be Strong. Love.”

It all started with a DREAM to be a professional photographer and business owner. Back then it was a big dream for me, and still to this day, it’s a big dream for me. DREAM BIG!

Through the many years, the failed support systems, and the people who tried to bring me down; I stayed STRONG. BE STRONG!

Every step of the way I LOVED every single minute of what I was working towards and I had the LOVE of my life holding my hand the entire way as well. LOVE!